A new start (blog-wise)

So, here I go starting again on my blog. At this rate by the time I'm old and start looking back on my life I'll just notice the massive gaps in my blog and wonder what I was doing in the gaps.
*quick glance back*
So.... looks like the last time I was posting I was talking about my fiancee and moving house... Well, my financee is now my wife (and has been for over 2 years) and we've actually just moved house again! Scary how things go in cycles.
My big worries now? Well, that'd probably be the massive swing to the right throughout the world... quite scary from my point of view (and I feel that it should be for any rational person). I remember I took one of these test things that are meant to show your political position and I came out somewhere to the left of Lenin so you can imagine my feelings to the world situation just now. I'm sure that I'll have much more to say on this in the coming weeks and months *sigh* Be warned!

Currently sitting chilling out in my study (yes, I do have a study and it's a dream come true... even if it isn't a classical Victorian-style one) with a nice beer from Colonsay (that's an island in the Hebrides I believe). Very tasty. I'm so glad that craft beers are so big now. And esp that you can buy cases online and shipped to your house! Isn't modern life fantastic?

I wonder if there is a blog-app for my phone? I see that I tried it with a previous phone which didn't work too well but I'm several phones past that now so fingers crossed.

Anyway, it's good to be back and I look forward to seeing you all again soon (my Readers that is).

I've past-a challenge...

Well, I was busy in the kitchen last night.
First of all, I made (for the first time ever) lasagne. And I even ate some and enjoyed it!
I know, this doesn't sound that amazing, but since I've spent years not liking pasta, then it is an achievment. And Ruth liked it as well (which proves it was tasty).
In addition to my lasagne, I also made some butterscotch (again for the first time ever). Turned out very well. I think it's certainly better than the Bonfire Toffee and Chocolate Fudge that I made for new year. Hope everyone agrees...


What a lot of wind today :-(
We had planned to go out for a drive to the Sterling Mills outlet village but have decided to cancel. So instead, it's a nice lazy day in front of the TV.
Just about to put Tin Tin on :-D

(no subject)

Well, work is fairly rubbish as usual :(
Typical for this time of year though I guess *sigh*
More or less finished my Xmas shopping *cheer* Just a few more to buy, and still got cards to write (which I should get done tonight) then I can rest.
Looking forward to my rest next week as well. Finish work at lunchtime on Tuesday and that's me through until the 28th woohoo!
Not really got time just now for a full update (as I'm busy at work, honest guv) so I'll leave you all there...

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Another holiday ends :(

Ho hum, here we all are again.
Feeling a bit disappointed that it'll be back to work tomorrow (and I'm sure they'll be masses of stuff waiting for me) *sigh*
Had a good day yesterday. Ruth & I had our mums over for lunch (homemade soup and sandwiches) then took them to see Blood Brothers. It was a good show and everyone enjoyed it. It's the third time that I've seen it now (and the first time without a Nolan) and I still enjoy it.
In the evening yesterday we were out for our Friday-nighters Xmas meal. We visited The Tasting Rooms. I think we would all recommend it. I chose the smoked salmon to start, followed by the turkey and finished off with Christmas pudding and a coffee. Afterwards, Ruth & I, Dave and Jimi headed up the road to the casino for a few hours. It was busier than I've seen it before but still a good night. Late for us though, when I went there last week with Jimi I was home and in bed for 10:15! However, yesterday we were there until after midnight! Didn't come away any ricer than we went, but it was a good night.
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The weather here is really getting wintry now. Temperature is now hovering around zero even during the day *bah* At least it gives me a chance to wear my scarves and hats and get some use from them. Also, it's a good excuse for taking the car instead of walking!
Well, I'm waiting on my tumble-dryer to stop drying so that we can head off to Tesco and do our weekly shop. And then it's a quiet night for us.
Catch you again soon,


Well that's us nearly finished our wee break and having a coffee while we hang around for our train. Have had a great time but I guess we all have to head home eventually. I'll do a full post when I'm home as it's easier to type.

Brief update

Ok ok, I know that I said that I'd blog and I haven't :-( I'd like to claim that I've been too busy but that would be a wee porkie. I guess I'm just a bit lazy...
I'm actually away on a wee break with Ruth just now and blogging on my phone which isn't ideal as the touchscreen keyboard slows me down. I'll do a proper update when I get back home and let you all know what I've been up to. I can tell that you'll all be on tenterhooks :-)
Until then,


Test of my new app as my phoned cacked itself when I tried to update it :-( I've had to re-install all my apps *sigh*

(no subject)

Hi all,
Just a quick post to update things.
Went to see the new Tin Tin film last night with Ruth. It's really good. I thought it was very true to the spirit and character of the original books (or at least, the English translations of the original books) and also felt very like the animated series from a few decades back. I'd recommend it. The 'motion-capture animation' or whatever you want to call it was amazing. It's taken that whole technology a whole new step. I'm looking forward to see where it'll go next. And also looking forward to the next Tin Tin movie.
In other movie news (and not so happy), I read today that there are plans being made to make a Hollywood film version of Dr Who! Eek! I can't see any way that'd work...
I've just finished reading 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea by Jules Verne. I'd have to say that I wasn't overly impressed. Which surprises me. I found that although the concept was obviously way ahead of it's time, the actual narrative was a bit stilted. And lots of long descriptions about the fish that are seen. Very boring.
I've moved onto Alloy of Law. The new Mistborn novel by Brandon Sanderson. I'm finding that Sanderson is very good author. I only really found out about him when he was chosen to finish the Wheel of Time series. For anyone who likes intelligent fantasy then I recommend him.
Not much else to talk about tonight so I'll just close now and pick up the threads of something else next time.


Lazy Saturdays...

Hi again all,
Having a nice quiet day in my house doing laundry. And just generally chilling out. Weather today is considerably nicer than it has been for the preceeding week. No fog, no rain and temp in double figures! It's almost like summer again :)
This past week has been a strain at work. It seems that everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. And patients seemed to go out of the way in order to cause a nuisance. It must be the full moon that causes it.
Oh well, enough moaning.
I was looking through some of my old journal entries. Over 6 years old now! That's scary in and of itself. I can't believe that I used to post so often. I'm even more committed to keeping it up again as it was nice (and a bit surprising) to re-read my thoughts from that period. It was things which I... well, I won't say that I don't remember them, but things which no longer figure in my daily thoughts. Not sure if that really makes sense the way that I've written it but I hope that folk understand.
It leads me to think of how much of our lives that we just never think about after it happens. I would have to say that I find trying to think of previous jobs, or Uni, or school is difficult because I guess that it's no longer particulary relevant to my life now (although obviously I wouldn't be who I am if it hadn't been for my past). It led to a conversation with Ruth when we spoke about how we felt that we were no different now than we were 5, 10 or even 15 years ago. I guess few do think that they change (it's difficult to see yourself changing from your own POV) and even people around you who you see all the time won't really see changes as groups of folk would change at the same rate. Although there's always some folk who never mature ;)
sorry folks, had to go and empty the washing machine and re-fill it. On a side note, it's only at times like this that I realise how many clothes I have... strange. Anyway, what was I saying... oh yes, people changing. Well, I suppose it's only those of my closest friends who i sadly don't see anywhere nearly often enough that would notice changes. I might have to ask them if they notice anything next time I see them.
I think I'll leave that thought there for a while, best go and do something productive. Ruth & I are heading out for dinner later with feb_the_cat's slaves and I'll make myself at least a little bit presentable :)

- Ciao
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